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Electing The Self-selected: The Political Comedy Of Somali Region.

Electing The Self-selected: The Political Comedy Of Somali Region.

If you POLL five people any where in Somali region and ask them whether they trust or satisfied with the governing PP party, four out of five would probably answer they have lost trust in PP and the corrupt and wasteful administration of Mustafe Omar. Diversity in political parties is a mark of growth, development and reflects tolerance. However, Ethiopia’s violent one-party political system is severely allergic to political pluralism and democracy. The prospect of transitioning to multi-party democracy has vanished. Instead of presenting to the voters to PP’s political agenda and policies , Somali region’s elites are lecturing citizens on which party or candidate to elect or not to elect. What a very easy job! Steal from citizens , lecture them like kids and elect yourself. Easy! Perhaps Messi and Ronald should learn from Somali region’s corrupt elites how to win the champion league without any competition. No need to train 80 hours a week, just declare your team the winner of the champion league before even kicking the ball. Torture football fans who don’t agree with you.If the dead had voice and power , they would have popped out from the grave and voted out these corrupt mafia who relish prosperity but sell poverty to the public. If PP is to be taken seriously, it has to reflect on its actions and how it acquires the vast state resources it monopolizes. PP should develop and maintain internal democratic structures and open itself to public scrutiny. Besides, PP needs to promote and deliberately enforce transparency and accountability and declare the source of its finances and how it spends. Similarly, PP has to reach out to the best talents in the region and inject fresh blood into the party.Stealing the upcoming election doesn’t mean legitimacy. The public has little or no say in determining the election/selection outcome. That’s why the landcruiser-addicted elites won’t suffer any consequence for defrauding the public of millions. A criminal remains a criminal. It doesn’t matter whether they drive a V8 landcruiser, or have a body guard, or fly to Adds Ababa daily with taxpayers money.You can only be a true leader and earn the respect of the wider public if you connect with the citizens and sacrifice your life to solve social problems affecting communities.Ironically, those seeking power are directly or indirectly responsible for the pain and suffering of Somali region’s citizens. – Kassim Haji Hussein Noor

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